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7 dní a 7 nocí - DOS


Game is con­trol­led by the same keys that are used to playing un­der MS DOS. For full­screen press 'Right Alt' + 'En­ter'.


If the ga­me does not res­pond, click on the ga­me screen. If the ga­me doesn't start, ad­just the Ja­va set­tings by the manual.

Other platforms:

Unfortunately, this game is cur­rent­ly available only in this ver­si­on. Be patient :-)

Game info:
7 dní a 7 nocí - box cover
box cover
Game title: 7 dní a 7 nocí
Platform: MS-DOS
Author (released): Pterodon Software (1994)
Genre: Adventure, Adult Mode: Single-player
Design: Petr Vochozka, Karel Solberk, Patrik Špaček, ...
Music: Soundline Tábor, Hero Music Company, Neue Sprache
Game manual: not available

Game size:

2113 kB
Recommended emulator: DOSBox

From MobyGames:

   7 dni a 7 nocí (7 Days and 7 Nights) is an erotic Czech adventure game very similar to Leisure Suit Larry. You walk around town talking to people, picking up objects and solving puzzles. This is basically a Czech version of classic Sierra or Lucas Arts adventure games. The background art work suggests that the creators were deliberately trying to mimic these classics.
   The story revolves around Venca Fold who one day receives orders from well known millionaire Jonathan Smith. His orders: To protect Smith's 7 daughters from potential suitors. However, after a night spent in a pub with one Fanda Spices who bets him one ruble that he can not claim all 7 for himself, Venca's duties take on a whole new meaning.
   He has one day with each woman in which to win her heart. However, each women will pose a unique challenge for Fold to overcome.

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