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Virtual Bart - Super Nintendo SNES system

SNES gamepad:

SNES gamepad

Gamepad control:

direction buttons

action button A Z
action button B X
action buttons X, Y A, S
shoulder buttons L, R D, C
SELECT space


This game is emulated by flash e­mu­la­tor Nes­box. If doesn't work on your PC, use ja­va­script e­mu­la­tor Nep­tunJS.

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This game can be played also in a version for Ge­ne­sis. We are wor­king on the others.

Game info:
Virtual Bart - box cover
box cover
Game title: Virtual Bart
Console: SNES
Author (released): Acclaim, Sculptured Software (1994)
Genre: Action, Platform Players: 1
Design: Hal Rushton, James Michael Henn, Dallin Haws, ...
Music: Sam Powell, Mark Ganus
Game manual: not available

Game size:

1562 kB
Emulator: ZSNES

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

   Virtual Bart is a video game developed by Sculptured Software and published by Acclaim. It was released for the Super NES and Genesis in 1994. Bart's reality goes virtual when he is strapped into Martin Prince's Virtual Reality experiment at the elementary school science fair. Each virtual reality program represents a stage in the game that Bart must play through in order to escape the machine before the programs crash.
   The game consists of three side-scrolling platform stages and three stages that take place from a rear view. Bart assumes the roles of a pig, dinosaur, and baby for the platform stages. He tosses tomatoes and eggs, slides down a water slide, and drives a motorcycle in a post-apocalyptic Springfield for the three remaining stages. They are all accessed by chance via a wheel-of-misfortune.

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