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Declaration is not copyright holder of emulation software or videogames that are available at this site. To follow valid laws of the Czech Republic, all content of this website follow next rules:

1) We emulate only videogame consoles placed on the market at least 20 years ago, i.e. consoles without valid patent pro­tec­tion.

2) Only free software (GNU GPL - General Public License or un­mo­di­fied freeware) is used for emulation.

3) Download is available only for abandonware - games that are not possible to buy by any legal way. We reserve the right to remove any download any time in case of request of co­py­right holder.

4) We own all games that are possible to find at in the form as the game was distributed by original publisher.

If you are copyright holder of any game at this site and if you want to remove this game from, please contact us at email address and we will remove this game immediately.

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