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Dark Cavern (Night Stalker) - Atari 2600

Atari 2600 joystick:

Atari 2600 joystick

Joystick control:


Player 1: Player 2:
joystick ↑↓←→ TGFH
trigger Spacebar A
Pause Alt+P Alt+P
Save F8 F8
black-white / color mode:  F2
paddle / joystick mode: Alt+L


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Game info:
Dark Cavern  (Night Stalker) - box cover
box cover
Game title: Dark Cavern (Night Stalker)
Console: Atari 2600
Author (released): Mattel Electronics (1982)
Genre: Action, Platform, Shooter Mode: Multiplayer
Design: Hal Finney
Game manual: manual.pdf

File size:

933 kB
Download: Dark_Cavern.a26

Game size:

4 kB
Recommended emulator: Stella

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

   Night Stalker is an action shooting video game for the Intellivision console. The player controls a man trapped in a hedgerow maze with no exits and many threats, some natural such as bats and spiders, others artificial in nature and much more deadly. The player starts out in a bunker in the middle of the map equipped with a handgun loaded with six bullets. When the character needs to reload, a gun icon flashes at 1 of 5 random locations and he will be forced to traverse the maze defenseless until a fresh weapon can be obtained.
   There are five different robots that you go through in accordance with your point total. The terrain is filled with corners and ambush points that players must use to full effect. There is also a spider web in the northwest corner where the Spider enemy spawns. Player movement is severely hindered here, and all firepower is heavily suppressed within, making it a strategic location. Also of importance is the player's bunker, in which the player begins each life. The bunker is a safe zone and the player is impervious to damage while inside, though the more advanced robot adversaries have the firepower to destroy your safe haven.
   The game features only one unchanging level and no music, instead having a pulsing background beat playing back at a set interval that signals the speed chosen by the player.

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