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mdkrfd   20/09/2020 20:17:47

Platform Games Girl   4/09/2020 07:52:27
I'm gonna miss playing Mario games here. I feel too old to buy a Switch console. I have many childhood memories from the classic games. I hope that in the future other games can still be played on this website.

dylandybala baratil   3/09/2020 04:46:04
que se yo

Damien   27/08/2020 19:01:00
I ❤ You Mario Your A Best Nintendo

Caleb   23/08/2020 21:23:00
The Cheetahmen ran off… and now… the Cheetahmen

trevor   18/08/2020 21:15:28

TheClarinetCat   16/08/2020 18:22:05
Hello everybody

Alopex   14/08/2020 13:13:19
Hello everybody! Happy holidays!

Y.R.B.   30/07/2020 02:20:06
We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

Tiago   25/07/2020 17:33:37

JeD   13/07/2020 23:37:39
Gawd, thank you for this! it's great finding these old games from my childhood.

Elli   7/07/2020 10:45:56
hi wer ist noch deutscher zelda fan

Caleb   27/06/2020 20:47:09

joshua   19/06/2020 00:15:22

Tammy   20/05/2020 02:16:11
Let me p lip at please

Maria   15/05/2020 01:21:59
Super hra

Vannezzolliah   11/05/2020 13:27:26
ive been playing contra and mario bros since i was 4 and now get to play it again more that 20 years later and not only has it been a great escape from stress but has helped me alot in my mental health as im always depressed so thank you for puting this out there for people like me and also not like me to find....just a humble young woman all the way in africa in a lil ol country named Namibia..ongwediva .....ndemupandula #zoey

donald   28/04/2020 21:25:18
I like turtle

akariman   22/04/2020 18:46:21
My wife akari akaza is so cute

Sebastian   18/04/2020 21:54:22

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