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RamenNerd   3/10/2019 18:38:01
i think this website is very cool and i appreciate the work put into it. thanks

Alex   3/10/2019 16:37:13
Thanks fo letting me play one of the classic I Never got a chance to play since I was like 6. Goldeneye64! Hoping to see some more classic n64 like Yoshi story, Star wars and more Im glad I found this site thank you <3

fsads   25/09/2019 17:13:02

Skylar Flyer   11/09/2019 08:00:29
Hello. Thanks for emulating the original classic games. Takes me back to my younger years.

Saudi Arabian   9/09/2019 09:08:06
I just want to thank you for letting me play old games that I thought I will not play them anymore

Albert   15/08/2019 15:09:51
Hi cool 😍

sd sad as   2/06/2019 05:47:17

John Appleseed   24/05/2019 04:22:11
Keeping the classics alive.

Paden   24/05/2019 01:59:33
This is cool

Jiggi   26/03/2019 07:32:29
Ahoj, nevíte jak se jmenovala ta hra (asi z devadesátek), kde byla ruská ponorka? Celý to bylo takový temný...

Matthew   22/12/2018 00:42:21
Love your work but please add more n64 games

Elephantx10scefe   21/12/2018 19:35:43
Hmmm, i dot't think this is true

Niko   10/08/2018 02:18:46
Super Sympa De Rejouer à Ces Jeux Qui Ont Bercé Notre Enfance.

Fokko33   29/05/2018 23:40:24
Fantazie. Staré hry, jako je Vlak či Prehistorik i spoustu dalších. Nenapadlo by mě že někdo tyhle hry drží stále naživu ❤ jen doufám že časem tu najdu i Bulánky😊

Qdude   22/04/2018 06:38:13
Wow thanks for adding in final fantasy 5. Now I can play them all in order.

Qdude   30/03/2018 04:15:16
It would be cool to have final fantasy 5 on here as it would complete the series.

Sylvain   11/03/2018 17:19:50
How to save progress

Creepiepie   20/01/2018 11:41:12
Awesome, admin.

I should clearify. On N64 the sensitivity is gone still.

Admin   12/01/2018 18:11:00
Paťas: Díky moc za krásný koment. Radost jej číst
Creepiepie and Dany Néron: Gamepad settings in the NeptunJS emulator is now available through the bottom left icon "Controls setting" on the game screen.

Dany Néron   10/01/2018 02:03:22
Je ns pas toujours reçu une réponse propos de mes jeux NES ne fonctionnent toujours pas malgré que ji fait ce que vous mvez suggéré de faire concernant java.

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