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ONLINE Museum of Old Video Games

Welcome to the world of old games that for­med the history of the video gaming in­dus­try. These games represent the best vi­de­o games for the generations of those olden days. Our mission is to keep alive the games of the 1980s and 1990s, which were created for consoles and systems that can no longer be pur­cha­sed and are no longer supported by its de­ve­lo­pers and manufacturers. Thanks to this archive, you can use your browser to play old games that were written for the MS-DOS sys­tem and for the following popular old video game con­so­les: Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Nin­ten­do En­ter­tain­ment Sys­tem (NES), Super Nin­ten­do (SNES), Ga­me Boy (GB), Game Gear (GG), Sega SG-1000, Sega Master Sys­tem (SMS), Sega Me­ga Drive (Genesis), and Nintendo 64. To­day, our database con­tains 1757 different games from the eighties and nineties; 399 of them are available in two or more ver­si­ons. We host a total of 2454 online games and new games are still con­ti­nu­al­ly being added. All games are emulated by Java­Script, but these are in­dis­tin­gui­shab­le from the original ver­si­ons apart from a few exceptions. As a bonus, we offer 1491 original game manuals that can be down­lo­a­ded in pdf format. Legends such as Pac-Man, Ga­la­xi­an, Super Mario, Sonic, Prince of Persia, Pitfall, Wol­fen­stein 3D and ma­ny others can be found at this site. Anyway, if you love old games as much as we do, then you have come to the right place. Have fun ;-)

Last Added Games

Sonic the Hedgehog: Spinball

Sonic the Hedgehog: Spinball

Author (year): Sega (1993)
Players: 1
Rating: 92% (10x)     Runs: 2700x     Comments: 
Platforms: SMS
, Genesis

Lunar Lander

Lunar Lander

Author (year): Marvelous Interactive (1990)
Players: 1
Rating: 51% (14x)     Runs: 3415x     Comments: 
Platforms: Game Boy

Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot

Author (year): Xonox (1983)
Players: 1
Rating: 63% (8x)     Runs: 1934x     Comments: 
Platforms: Atari 2600



Author (year): Namco (1985)
Players: 1
Rating: 67% (15x)     Runs: 3814x     Comments: 
Platforms: NES

Slap Shot

Slap Shot

Author (year): Sanritsu Denki, Sega (1990)
Players: 1 or 2 competitive
Rating: 71% (18x)     Runs: 5278x     Comments: 
Platforms: SMS

 >> Previously added games <<

The most popular games

Atari 2600:
River Raid Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space RealSports Boxing Space Jockey
River Raid Space Shuttle RealSports Boxing Space Jockey
Sega SG-1000:
Castle, The Safari Race Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Monaco GP
The Castle Safari Race Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Monaco GP
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES):
Contra Tetris Bomberman Battle City
Contra Tetris Bomberman Battle City
Atari 7800:
Alien Brigade Ninja Golf Pole Position II Pac-Man Collection!
Alien Brigade Ninja Golf Pole Position II Pac-Man Collection!
Sega Master System (SMS):
Alex Kidd in Miracle World Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Mortal Kombat Baku Baku Animal
Alex Kidd in Miracle ... Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Mortal Kombat Baku Baku Animal
Nintendo Game Boy:
Tetris Donkey Kong Alleyway Bomberman GB 2
Tetris Donkey Kong Alleyway Bomberman GB 2
Sega Game Gear:
Wonder Boy Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble GP Rider
Wonder Boy Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic: Triple Trouble GP Rider
Sega Genesis / Mega Drive:
Sonic the Hedgehog Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Road Rash Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Sonic the Hedgehog Ultimate MK3 Road Rash Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES):
Street Fighter II RoboCop Versus the Terminator Super Punch-Out!! Final Fight
Street Fighter II RoboCop vs Terminator Super Punch-Out!! Final Fight
PC games (MS-DOS):
Prince of Persia Doom Oregon Trail, The Wolfenstein 3D
Prince of Persia Doom The Oregon Trail Wolfenstein 3D
Nintendo 64:
GoldenEye 007 Doom 64 Mortal Kombat 4 Banjo-Kazooie
GoldenEye 007 Doom 64 Mortal Kombat 4 Banjo-Kazooie

Latest Video

Previous movies can be found here.


06.06.2024: Today is 40 years since release of legendary game Tetris.

24.12.2023: wishes you a merry Christ­mas and happy new year.

10.12.2023: Today the fa­mous video game Doom ce­le­bra­tes 30th birthday.

31.08.2023: published a nice article about our game archive.

20.07.2023: Celebrate In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Chess Day with propper video game.

Best Old Games


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Game Statistics

Atari 2600:
emulated games: 368
game manuals: 350
average rating: 63%
average number of runs: 49033x

Atari 7800:
emulated games: 63
game manuals: 55
average rating: 62%
average number of runs: 34543x

Sega SG-1000:
emulated games: 71
game manuals: 11
average rating: 61%
average number of runs: 17121x

emulated games: 500
game manuals: 359
average rating: 70%
average number of runs: 97709x

Sega Master System:
emulated games: 181
game manuals: 86
average rating: 68%
average number of runs: 28193x

Game Boy:
emulated games: 159
game manuals: 49
average rating: 68%
average number of runs: 21038x

Game Gear:
emulated games: 48
game manuals: 34
average rating: 66%
average number of runs: 19448x

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive:
emulated games: 231
game manuals: 148
average rating: 73%
average number of runs: 73647x

emulated games: 226
game manuals: 162
average rating: 74%
average number of runs: 76752x

emulated games: 564
game manuals: 196
average rating: 67%
average number of runs: 68882x

Nintendo 64:
emulated games: 43
game manuals: 41
average rating: 64%
average number of runs: 64647x

emulated games: 1757
game manuals: 1491
average rating: 68%
average number of runs: 63431x
total number of runs: 155659729


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