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Tomb Raider Starring Lara Croft - DOS


Game is con­trol­led by the same keys that are used to playing un­der MS DOS. For full­screen press 'Right Alt' + 'En­ter'.


If the ga­me does not res­pond, click on the ga­me screen. If the ga­me doesn't start, ad­just the Ja­va set­tings by the manual.

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Game info:
Tomb Raider Starring Lara Croft - box cover
box cover
Game title: Tomb Raider Starring Lara Croft
Platform: MS-DOS
Author (released): Eidos Interactive (1996)
Genre: Action Mode: Single-player
Design: Paul Douglas, Toby Gard, Jason Gosling, Gavin Rummery,
Music: Nathan McCree
Game manual: manual.pdf

File size:

6336 kB
Download: (paid game)

Game size:

25668 kB
Recommended emulator: DOSBox

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

   Tomb Raider, titled Tomb Raiders in Japan, is an action-adventure video game developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive. It was originally released in 1996 for MS-DOS, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Tomb Raider was also released into the mobile gaming market for the Nokia N-Gage in 2003. The game was released for the PlayStation Network in North America in August 2009, and in Europe in August 2010. Tomb Raider follows the exploits of Lara Croft, an English female archaeologist in search of ancient treasures.
   The game was critically and commercially successful, selling over 7 million copies worldwide and earning a 91 aggregate score according to Metacritic and is considered widely influential, serving as a template for many 3D action-adventure games that would follow. On 6 December 2010, a reboot of the game under the same title, was announced by Redwood City-based developing team Crystal Dynamics.
   In Tomb Raider, the player controls the female archaeologist Lara Croft, in search for the three mysterious Scion artefacts across the world. The game is presented in third person perspective. Lara is always visible and the camera follows the action from behind or over her shoulder. The world she inhabits is fully drawn in three dimensions and characterised by its cubic nature. Ledges, walls and ceilings mostly sit at 90 degrees to each other, but sometimes feature sloping planes.
   The object of Tomb Raider is to guide Lara through a series of tombs and other locations in search of treasures and artefacts. On the way, she must kill dangerous animals and other creatures, while collecting objects and solving puzzles to gain access to an ultimate prize, usually a powerful artefact. Gunplay is restricted to the killing of various animals that appear throughout each stage, although occasionally Lara may be faced with a human opponent. Instead the emphasis lies on solving puzzles and performing trick jumps to complete each level. As such, Tomb Raider in essence harkens back to the classical form of platform style gameplay.

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