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King’s Quest V - Nintendo NES system

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NES gamepad

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This game is emulated by flash e­mu­la­tor Nes­box. If doesn't work on your PC, use a­no­ther emulator eg. Nep­tunJS (JS) or vNES (Java).

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This game can be played also in a version for DOS. We are wor­king on the others.

Game info:
King’s Quest V - box cover
box cover
Game title: King’s Quest V
Console: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Author (released): Sierra On-Line (1990)
Genre: Adventure Mode: Single-player
Music: Mark Seibert, Ken Allen
Game manual: manual.pdf

File size:

1412 kB
Download: Kings_Quest5.nes

Game size:

512 kB
Recommended emulator: FCEUX

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

   King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder! is a 1990 adventure game released by Sierra. Released in November 1990, it featured a significant improvement in graphics (achieved through the introduction of VGA into the series). It was also the first King's Quest installment to replace the typing user interface with a point-and-click user interface. It was also the last King's Quest to feature EGA graphics at 320x200: a separate EGA release contained 16-color 320x200 versions of the graphics, whereas the VGA release featured 320x200 256-color VGA graphics (and, unlike later SCI games, did not support rendering these into 16 colours at 640x200 resolution on EGA cards). The title is a spoof on the proverb, 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder.'
   King's Quest V sold 500,000 copies and won several awards. It was later released as a 'talkie' CD-ROM, meaning the characters have voices, done by members of the Sierra staff. The music was MIDI based and written by Mark Seibert and Ken Allen.
   In the introduction to the game, a view of Castle Daventry is shown, when suddenly, a mysterious cloaked figure appears. He enchants the castle, causing a whirlwind to appear, which soon engulfs the castle and lifts it out of sight. Because he is out walking when this happens, King Graham is the only member of the royal family to be left behind. He returns to the castle to find that it has disappeared, and is soon confronted by a talking owl named Cedric.
   Cedric witnessed the cloaked figure's attack, and tells Graham that it was a powerful, evil wizard named Mordack who stole the castle. Cedric then brings Graham to the land of Serenia, where his master Crispin resides. Crispin is also a wizard, but a good one, who gives Graham some advice, his old wand, and a piece of white snake which allows Graham to speak with animals. Graham then starts on his journey.
   Later, Graham learns that Mordack is the brother of the wizard Mannanan, whom Graham's son, Prince Alexander, turned into a cat in King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human. Mordack has imprisoned the castle and royal family of Daventry out of revenge, and threatens to feed the royal family to Mannanan unless Prince Alexander agrees to restore him to his true form. King Graham travels through the land of Serenia, gathering helpful items and information, and eventually makes his way to Mordack's island to save his family from their impending doom.

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